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How to Find an Emergency Dentist When You Need One ASAP

August 4, 2022

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If you’ve lost a filling, cracked a tooth, or sustained some form of dental injury in the past, then you are all too familiar with just how painful a dental emergency can be. Perhaps the worst part, however, is not knowing where to turn for fast, effective relief, especially if it happens outside of your dentist’s typical office hours. With this in mind, keep reading for tips on how to find an emergency dentist when you need one right away!


Welcome! Get to Know High Tech Family Dentistry

May 17, 2022

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Cheerful welcome sign for dentist in Westfield, hung against blue background

Welcome to our first blog post! In the future, we will use this as a platform for sharing valuable information about a range of oral health topics, including dental treatments, at-home oral care, and so much more. For now, though, we thought you might like to get to know some basics about our practice. Below, you will get an introduction to our dentists in Westfield, the services we offer, and what you can expect if you choose to join our family of patients.