Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Westfield, NJ

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions!

Do you have questions about oral healthcare? Don’t worry! We’re here to provide the honest answers you’re looking for! Over the years, we’ve received numerous inquiries from our patients. Topics range from the frequency of dental checkups to the natural appearance of veneers. No matter the question, we want you to have the insight and knowledge you need to make the right decision about your and your family’s oral health.

Should I be worried about my toothache?

It depends. Typically, when dealing with tooth pain of any kind, it is best to call and schedule an emergency appointment with our team. While on the phone, we can determine the severity of your situation and provide the right course of action. While we work to schedule you to see one of our dentists on the same day, we’ll also provide helpful tips to use at home to manage your pain. Toothaches can stem from all types of problems, including something stuck between your teeth, an infection, sinus congestion, dental injury, or a serious cavity.

What is the best way to replace my missing teeth?

We currently offer three ways to replace your missing teeth: dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Depending on your oral and overall health as well as your jawbone density, we will recommend the appropriate solution to meet your needs. Individuals who prefer a more stable and longer-lasting option will find that dental implants offer superior quality and can last 30+ years with regular maintenance.

Will my veneers look natural?

Absolutely! Dental veneers no longer look like they once did when Hollywood’s elite would often be mistaken for having “chiclet teeth.” Instead, they are thin, porcelain shells that cover the front surfaces of teeth to conceal all types of imperfections. When placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist, they can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile and help you maintain a natural appearance. The process of placement does require a skilled hand and artistic eye, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a qualified cosmetic dentist like Dr. Scheiner to place your veneers.

Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?

Candidates for smile makeovers tend to have multiple cosmetic imperfections. Although it is possible to undergo one lone treatment, these plans typically include two or more services designed to improve the function and aesthetic of your smile. Whether it is veneers, teeth whitening, direct bonding, or even metal-free restorations, our team will perform a thorough examination during your consultation to determine the types of care you need to achieve your desired results.

Do you accept my insurance?

Yes! We happily welcome all types of insurance and are in-network with many PPO dental plans. Our qualified staff members will walk you through the financial aspects of treatment as well as help you understand the cost of your care. After reviewing your plan, we’ll identify ways to maximize your benefits, so you save the most money no matter the type of treatment you need.

Is financing possible at High Tech Family Dentistry?

Yes, flexible financing is available through CareCredit. Individuals who are preparing to undergo a treatment that is not covered by insurance (i.e., most cosmetic services) or a complex dental procedure can benefit from enrolling in a low or no-interest payment plan through CareCredit. Instead of having to pay the full price upfront, you can spread out your payments across several months, making it easier to manage your budget and still pursue dental care.