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Oral health is an essential part of your overall well-being. At High Tech Family Dentistry, family and cosmetic dentist Arthur Scheiner, DMD, provides general dental care to keep your smile as healthy as possible. If you live in or around Westfield, New Jersey, call the office or schedule an appointment online for you and your family’s basic dental care today.

General Dentistry Q & A

Is there a connection between oral health and overall health?

The bacteria in your mouth, when not controlled, can reach levels that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. These issues in your mouth can lead to a systemic infection that puts you at risk for a number of health concerns including heart disease, heart lining infections (endocarditis), and complications during pregnancy, such as low birth weight or premature birth.

How can I preserve the health of my smile?

Good at-home oral hygiene helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should brush your teeth at least two times per day and floss once. You also benefit from limiting sugary drinks, eating a healthy diet, and replacing your toothbrush every three to four months.

You should also keep up with regular professional cleanings at High Tech Family Dentistry. These cleanings discourage complications such as decay or gum disease by getting at plaque and tartar not reachable with at-home care.

Talk to the staff at High Tech Family Dentistry about how often you should come in. Most people benefit from two cleanings per year, but some people may need more frequent visits due to gum infections or other issues.

How do I keep my gums healthy?

Good at-home hygiene and regular checkups are usually effective in keeping your gums, as well as your teeth healthy. But, if you notice swelling, unusual redness, and bleeding while brushing or flossing, your gums may be suffering from gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease.

If you notice gingivitis, you may need to tweak your at-home habits to ensure you’re removing all the food debris and plaque you can. Plus, your dentist may give you additional tips about how to keep your teeth and gums cleaner. Don’t skip your professional cleanings, either.

If gum disease progresses, you may need a deeper procedure known as root planing and scaling that goes underneath the gum line to remove plaque and smooths out the tooth roots to discourage bacterial growth.

To learn how to best take care of your teeth and get regular professional cleanings, call High Tech Family Dentistry or book an appointment using the online tool.